What is Love?


Every generation has struggled with the enduring question, What is Love?, and it remains one of Google’s most popular searches. Set off on a journey around the globe to explore the beauty depth and complexity of love.

Hear unforgettable stories from those who have found love in a single glance to those who have searched for it their entire lives, from those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to those who have discovered a power stronger than hatred and violence.

Peer inside the workings of the human brain to discover a fundamental neurological need stronger than the body’s physical need for food. Observe the inner struggles that make finding and holding on to love so complicated.

Glimpse the thin veil that separates this world from what lies just beyond and see how love might survive death and hold the key to our destiny.

Discover a desire that does not die and a hope that does not disappoint.

CAST: John Pridmore, Arthur Brooks, Steve Bollman, Angel Henson-Smith

DIRECTOR: Steve Bollman

RUN TIME: 115 min