Movie Club


To receive a Movie Club card:


  1. Read the terms and conditions below
  2. Download and print our form using this link
  3. Bring the completed form into the Hollywood 20 Cinema box office




Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema Movie Club Program Terms and Conditions


  1. The Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema Movie Club is open to anyone except Hollywood 20 Cinema employees, their immediate family members and children under 12. Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema reserves the right to exclude others in its sole discretion.
  2. Membership is FREE and may be acquired by receiving a membership card from the box office and registering it at Box Office.
  3. To receive points, your movie club card must be presented before purchasing your tickets at the Box Office. Should you forget your Movie Club card, points for that visit will be unavailable. Points are NOT earned on purchases of Gift Cards.
  4. Movie Club members are awarded 1 point per paid ticket purchase. Members are limited to a maximum of two points per transaction per day. Members do NOT earn points when the Movie Club card is presented in conjunction with a FREE, non-paid, admission ticket.
  5. All awarded points are valid for one year from the time it was awarded.
  6. All rewards for FREE concession items
    • 4 points - Free Medium Drink   
    • 6 points - Free Medium Popcorn
    • 8 points - Free Medium Popcorn and Medium Drink
    • 10 points - Free Large Popcorn and Large Drink
  7. All redeemed rewards are the property of Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema.
  8. Movie Club rewards are subject to verification by Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema management. Offers are void if rewards are illegible, altered or mutilated. The judgment of Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema management is final.
  9. Advertisers and other companies do not have access to personal information and we do not share your personal information with advertisers of other companies that want to contact members.
  10. Movie Club card and points are nontransferable.
  11. Movie Club points will be forfeited immediately upon inactivity of 12 months. Movie club points have no monetary value, are not gift certificates and may only be used for rewards as specified under the Terms and Conditions.
  12. Bartlett’s Hollywood 20 Cinema reserves the right to change or discontinue the Movie Club program at any time without liability to any member.